Ambitions. Realization. Beansprout.

I’ve been thinking lately (Which is not alway a good thing). I’m finally 20 years old though, I probably look like (or younger) than your 15 year old sister. I think I finally found what I really want to do. Something I wouldn’t mind that much if I make it a career. 

I want to draw.

I want to illustrate.

I want to print my own designs.

 I’ll be going back to college soon and I’m thinking of taking Digital Arts and Media and a few subject on Print and Design. I’m so excited on how I could apply what I learned. I just want to get out there and do my stuff.

I know I’m not the best but I’ll try not to be mediocre or less-mediocre.

Also, I started trusting people again. (Of course I’m still practicing some parts of it. lol)
I’ve met someone wonderful the last few months and I think I’ve made a step closer to being compassionate again.

This person is like a beansprout and sunshine combined.
You know when you’re in a dark room and out of nowhere there’s this light that feels so warm.

Too weird.

That person would probably never find out about this blog and I wouldn’t mind if that person won’t.



Wow. I’ve been away for a while. I’m in Canada now. Things have been going perfectly, I went back to grade 12 and got a part-time job, aside from these major changes, everything’s good.

The world spins faster here and the days pass by in a blink of an eye.

I’ve started writing fanfictions for the 48G fandom. Seriously though, all I’ve been writing are about wMatsui lol.

Oh yeah. I also participated in a children’s book and drew some pages for the story. It’s about the flood that happened here in Banff and Canmore. This is my biggest achievement this year! XD


I could only see his back.

Never will I be on par with him, or her, or them

It has only been months

But, He got me interested

When I found out about it

It was too late

She likes him

More that I do.

Yes, that’s true.

I’ll support you

And be here for you two

Even if we’re not close

And I’m probably just a classmate not a friend.

Today I will try to make a promise.

To hold back from falling

And try to keep living.


The guitarist~

I’ve been passing in this particular place for some days now, and i always see a blind old man with his harmonica, mic, electric guitar, and of course the speaker, that also serves as his chair. Probably he was in his 60s, he we coughing, he pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket before he plays his guitar.

I stopped there for awhile for the first time to see how he plays. He kept on tuning his guitar. As i examined the instrument, it looks really old and the dark color it has already faded. It has scratches and some of the colors has been peeled of.

After 10mins he started playing some melody and tunes the guitar again if he hears an out of tune string. He plays with his harmonica which was attached to the upper body of the guitar, and i think he use this for tuning too. He has a capo on the first fret, from my knowledge of guitar, i think it helps maintain the guitar’s tune if you put a capo. I think. Haha

Anyways, i stood there for about 30mins not making a sound because i don’t want to. Haha, i reached for my wallet and game the old folk Php55.00 he said thanks and i continued walking until i got home. I was actually a little disappointed because i wasn’t able to hear him play a complete piece, so o’m planning on coming back there until i hear him play properly.

Then it hit me, sometimes, we walk too fast and become ignorant of the good things around us. Sometimes we give up too easily. You see life is like a guitar, we often have untuned strings and most of the time we just let it be. This results to being unsatisfied and regretting it later.

Such words~

Such words~

I think i’ve said this exact same words to someone before.
meh, but it didn’t work out in the end.
thus, i conclude it’s not that interesting to be in love, rather, it’s love that interests me.

am i making sense? hahaha XD